Lansy Group went out to work as an engineering education and consulting firm under our general manager Mehmet Akif Ak in Bursa in 1986. Our firm which enters sector with licence and certification for agricultural enterprise and investors that is active and will be especially in food sector improved both service range and regional service network considerably soon afterwards establishment.

Besides skilled staff within its structure, our firm which has ability to create employment and financial sufficiency in the form of solution partnerships and buying service periodically or according to service attribute has fund of knowledge and experience not only about agricultural investment and consultancy but also industrial investments, feasibility and sufficiency analysis. One of the most significant reasons of success of our firm increasing its popularity not only in the context of city and region but also in country is the access property of “qualified” and “expert/experienced” staff.

While proceeding on its way in energy sector emphatically with the strength we get from you, Lansy Group experiences the pride of giving you the best service you can get with experienced staffs who are experts in their fields.